class descriptions


**please note all classes except Open Aerial/Pole need 2 students in the class to stay open** 

Inverted Yogi - Photo Credit Russ Nemhauser
AERIAL YOGA:A fusion between a yoga and aerial class. With the use of hammocks, Aerial Yoga incorporates yoga, pilates and aerial moves to increase flexibility, get into a deeper-less stressful stretch and allows for easy inversions. The perfect mix of fun, challenging and relaxing! 60 minutes. (Co-ed)

cube photo
AERIAL CUBE: Playing on the cube is a blast.With the multiple gripping points of the cube you’ll learn various mounts and dismounts, explore poses and transitions while working towards choreographed sequences. We will be spinning in the cube, inverting in the cube, and maneuvering from bar to bar. 60 minutes.

TRAPEZE: The static trapeze is a unique apparatus because there is both a bar and ropes to utilize. Students will learn  mounts, dismounts, inversions and tricks, climbs and balances , on the bar and the ropes. It is  highly recommended that students wear form fitting clothes with coverage behind knees, upper arms and back. Static trapeze is fun, full body work out. 60 minutes.

SILKS: This Silks Class begins with a group warm-up followed by aerial warm-up on the silks, which focuses on building strength and endurance. The class then progresses to choreography where the student will learn a safe aerial routine using musicality and artistry to encourage the students to also focus on the performance aspect of aerial arts. It combines the rigor of aerial silks training with the fun and artistry of aerial dance. 90 minutes.


AERIAL HAMMOCK: From a single point Aerial Hammock we will utilize the fabric to challenge our balance, learn to flow together poses and movement to create a beautiful dance while gaining strength and improving flexibility. 60 minutes.


AERIAL CIRQUE: Have you ever wanted to join the circus? Are you looking for a strength workout that doesn’t include lifting weights? If so this conditioning class is for you! The class starts with a warm up and moves through 3 stations (aerial hammock, lyra & silks).  Students will utilize the various aerial apparatuses to condition & build strength. This is a multi level class and students are instructed at their own pace.  Perfect for people interested in aerial & anyone wanting an extremely fun workout! 60 minutes.

LYRA: Learn progressive aerial arts moves and combinations using the hoop apparatus – aka Lyra – including mounts, spins, swings, sequences and balancing skills 60 minutes

POLE CLASS  This class includes a warm-up, challenging level appropriate pole tricks, transitions, floor & dance work – plus a free dance time during class. Learn how to safely perform pole tricks, routines and transitions while cultivating your personal dance style. 90 minutes.

OPEN AERIAL/POLE PRACTICE:  Come and practice your aerial & pole moves in the studio!  60 minutes.


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